First Good Tatoo 4x Speed

This is the video that corresponds with my previous post titled “Expectation becomes Reality” (referencing my earlier post Expectation vs Reality). Everything looks and works pretty much the way I want it and there are just a few minor problems left.

I had to move my arm small amounts (less than a cm at a time) about four or five times over the course of the video to get my arm to be positioned better with the pen. Sometimes I had to move my arm down because the pen was pressing too hard, while other times I had to shift my arm over to get better contact with the pen. Overall I think that this is really just a calibration problem and that if I re-calibrate more carefully these problems will go away.

The new stepper motor is the loud and that is the noise you hear on the video. I think the noise is actually coming from the teeth of the timing pulley going against the grains of the 3d print, and while it isn’t too annoying I would like to find a fix for it.


One response to “First Good Tatoo 4x Speed”

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