Another Tattoo Test

Now that the physical machine is working perfectly I can see that there are problems with the other parts of the project. After checking the Processing and Arudino code I have come to the conclusion that the problems are coming from rhino and/or grasshopper.

The the first of the two main problems that I am facing is that the pen presses down too hard in some places and not hard enough in others even though it has been calibrated with 140 points. This means that somewhere between the calibration model and applying the design something doesn’t get translated correctly. The second problem is that there is a lot lower resolution design being drawn by the pen compared to what is drawn in the rhino model.

Since making this video I have done four more tests and found that cutting the speed in half increases the tattoo resolution greatly. I tried slowing it down even further but then the stepper motors don’t have enough force to go from one point to the next. I have also been trying to figure out what goes wrong in translating from calibration to design application but so far I have had no luck.


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