Highest Quality Tattoo Yet

ImageI have had to make many minor adjustments to the grasshopper file, arduino sketch, and the physical machine to get this tattoo result. The image is the same giraffe that I tattooed onto my arm in my previous post, except this time I made it just a little bit thinner and turned it upside-down.

The problem I am facing now is that any more small changes will not have very much impact on overall result. This means that to get a better tattoo I will need to entirely rebuild one part of my machine, and as the support arch is my weakest, that is the part I will be redesigning for better tattoo results. For the redesign I am planning on getting another stepper motor to add to the arch piece which will give me a lot more control. I will also be purchasing more markers as the black and the blue ones have already run dry and now I am left with just green and red.


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