Expectation vs Reality #3

ImageWith a more accurate calibration and a simpler design, I finally have a tattoo that somewhat resembles what I had intended. The problem now is that I am not sure what the next step is. Adding more points clearly helped, but I don’t know if adding any more would make that much of a difference. Making the design simpler would also improve the output, but I would like to keep the detail at least at this level. The only piece that really still needs improvement is the end piece which I am moving with one hand as the tattoo is applied to my other arm.

The tattoo machine drew 5 cm per second which may have been a little bit too fast for me to adjust accordingly. At 1 cm per second the gears move so slowly that they get stuck, so maybe I will try a 2 cm per second tattoo next time to allow me to add some more detail. I have absolutely no idea why the neck of the giraffe ended up so wide, so I will have to run through some troubleshooting with my grasshopper file to see if I can find the problem.


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