First Tattoo Machine Test

This video shows my first test of the drawing portion of the machine. The red squiggly line is the path that I designed for the machine to follow, and the green circle is the position of the pen along the path. This is not supposed to be a drawing anything in particular, just a good test for the machine to run. While I was very happy with the results of the test, there are quite a few factors that I haven’t been able to fully test yet.

The first and possibly the most problematic piece I have yet to test is how well the machine draws. While I can control the motors sufficiently, I still don’t know if I can get enough pressure from the pen servo to leave a mark on your arm, let alone a perfectly sized, consistently drawn line.

Another problem, this one clearer to see from the video, is that I physically can’t use it on my arm. To control the machine I need to move the support arch piece back and forth with one hand and control the position slider with the other, which means that I have no arm to put into the machine. I will either need to automate the slider, or get someone else to stick their arm into the machine for testing.


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