Problems with Final Motor

I was not planning on putting the final motor in for a few more days, but I had to take an unscheduled break from programming and testing which freed up some of my time. Unfortunately the battery that powers the stepper motor has died and the charger wont arrive until later this week, so I won’t be able to work on the final part of the coding until that shows up.

I correctly assumed that the final servo would be a quick job with less than an hour of printing and assembly. And while everything did fit together and it was only 40 minutes of printing for the two parts, the piece didn’t work.

The video shows the idea I was going for, and in theory it works, but for now it just isn’t strong enough to support the weight. I actually think that the servo is strong enough, it is just the top of the structural arch that wants to bend with the new weight. I haven’t had too much time to think about how to fix this, but whatever I need to do, hopefully it doesn’t include printing a new arch piece.


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