Calibration Solutions

When I finished the programming for the calibration, I discovered five distinct problems: rod wiggle, not enough reference points, speed of calibration, pieces that moved and shouldn’t, and pieces that don’t move and should. I have since fixed all five of these problems as well two others.

To fix the rod wiggle I inserted a 2 foot long zinc plated threaded rod (yes there is now a threaded rod inside my threaded rod) into the small hole that runs through its center. This doesn’t eliminate all of the rod movement, but it does take care of about 75% of it.

I increased the amount of reference points 250%, however I opted for uniform segments rather than non-uniform ones because the placement of the elbow and wrist could be in different places for different sized people.

The speed in which the pen piece moves on the machine is still pretty slow, but I sped it up enough so that even with 40 reference points instead of 16, it still takes under ten minutes to calibrate.

The new threaded rod allowed me to add two nuts on either side of the support arch so it moves a lot less. Less arch movement and the sturdier threaded rod makes me a lot more confident in the accuracy of the final tattoo.

I was having problems with the wires getting stuck in the gears because the Arduino was placed behind them, however I am now planning on putting the Arduino beside the gears so all of the wires can be on one side or the other without any problems of getting stuck.

The other two problems were a redundant code which I cleaned up from having 16 variables (which would have turned into 40 in this new version) down to just 5, as well as designing my own Touch OSC template rather than using the stock versions. This allowed me to use a bigger screen with more controls that were better suited to this particular project.


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