Assembled Digital Tattoo Machine #2

ImageImageFor the first time all project, there isn’t a single thing that I am expecting to fail. I am still reluctant to call it the Final one, because a) something will probably break and b) because it still isn’t technically finished. Currently I only have two out of the three servo motors hooked up. The final servo motor will go at the front of the machine on top of the arch, but I need to buy a few screws, bolts and nuts as well as print two more pieces before I can make that work.

I did end up needing to make the back of the machine slightly taller using some cardboard as the gears were grinding up against the oak board. I also had to drill seven new holes as original 7 were no longer in the right place. I changed the placement of how the supporting arch connects to the board to make it more stable. I haven’t tested it yet, but I wanted to get some photos of it built just in case something breaks during testing.


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