Moving on Threaded Rod

As I suspected, not everything works 100%. The biggest problem I am encountering is my ‘powerful’ servo motor on the back isn’t strong enough to move the whole piece. I wanted to buy one with more torque, but if it has too much torque it will require its own power supply. I have ordered one that will work with the current power source, and hopefully be strong enough to move the machine back and forth. If that doesn’t work I will probably have to buy another stepper motor.

In the two days that I have until the new servo motor arrives, I have a few minor things to clean up. Currently the gears move the pen piece out towards the front of the machine without any problems, but going back to the back it struggles sometimes. This means that it isn’t hitting up against the pvc rod but instead some cogs just need to be sanded down more.

The threaded rod is close to being perfectly straight, but when the pen piece moves down towards the front it is clear that it is moving up and down a centimeter or two. I thought this would be problematic, but I am pretty sure that the Grasshopper definition I write will be able to take that into consideration.


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