Two Motors Down, One to Go.

This video shows the stepper motor moving along with the servo motor I just attached onto the back of it. In the background is my computer screen with a few Arduino sketches and my Rhino window open. The 9v battery I had been using to power the arduino died, so I had to use my computers USB port to show this video.

In an earlier video I held just the servo motor and watched the stepper motor and printed pieces move. From that video I found that the setup I was using there wouldn’t work which lead me to test timing belts and eventually use gears.

I was hoping to show a similar video as I performed the same test this time, however I didn’t get to film it because while the motor was clearly capable of doing it, it was starting to bend the plastic rod on the end of it. This can be easily fixed, but not until I start mounting pieces on the oak board.


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