Final Moving Gears

I had to do some tweaking to get the gears running properly, but now they work fine. I am not sure if it was a 3d modeling error or a problem caused by my 3d printer, but for some reason the gears don’t move in perfect circles and/or the timing pulleys aren’t located in the exact center of the circles.

This wouldn’t be much of a problem, except when I was testing the gears I had the shorter side against the pvc rod base, so when it moved around it would get stuck. I decided that instead of redesigning everything I would just make some adjustments to the rod so I had to cut part of that piece off.

The gears aren’t “loud” when they move, but they vibrate a lot which makes unnecessary noise. I was hoping the stepper motor portion of this project would be quiet, as the timing belt made no noise, however it now looks like it will be making more noise than the servo motors. For some reason the slower the stepper motor rotates the louder it gets, but I don’t want to make it go too much faster than the 15 rpm shown in this video.


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