Tight Fit Test Print

Tight Fit Test Print

The new stepper motor portion is coming together. It is a ridiculously tight fit against the PVC pipe (less that 1 mm between the gear and the rod), but these gears are just test prints to see if everything will fit together and turn.

To get the timing pulleys to attach to the gears, I will cut up some of the timing belts and glue them onto the gear. Unfortunately the 3d printer cannot print at a fine enough level to print a piece that would be tight against the pulley.

On the gear attached to the nail, I think I am going to design an extra piece that will allow me to glue the threaded rod on to it so I don’t have to worry about attaching it to the timing pulley or the nail. I haven’t tried gluing an ABS print to metal, but I assume it wouldn’t be very successful.


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