Functional Timing Belt

I am not labeling this as ‘Final’ because, while I hope it will hold up for the rest of the project, I have a feeling it will fail at some point and I will need to find out a better way to make it work. As you can see from the video, it looks pretty good from the side; but from the front it clearly isn’t well constructed.

I was hoping to buy a closed timing belt, but I ended up with an open ended one. This was nice because I could cut it to the exact size I need, but there is no good way of joining the ends back up. I ended up gluing four Arduino jumper wires to the polyurethane belt, which will hopefully be strong enough to hold it.

I switched from the screw to using a nail because the timing pulley was moving up and down the screw. The screw was much better at holding the printed threaded rod, and unfortunately it just falls off of the nail. I was hoping I could find a way to temporarily attach it to the rod, but now it seems like I will have to glue it on.


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