Finally Done with Threaded Rod

ImageImageMy printer did a great job printing the rods, but now whenever I try printing something else it fails. I am getting a lot of warping, and prints aren’t sticking right, but I will be able to fix those problems with some tweaking. It is nice to have arguably the most difficult piece printed, and as I have never really used acetone to stick pieces together, I am very glad it worked as well as it did.

The goal right now is to build the whole machine first and get it all to work with standard Arduino values. This means I will probably stick with basic sweeps and knob controls before I start putting in the Rhino and Grasshopper parts. I was thinking of using the Firefly plugin as it is developed particularly for Arduino, but I am now thinking maybe I will just use the gHowl component (which I am more familiar with) and just run the Arduino through Processing.


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