Servo Motor and Threaded Rod

I have three servo motors at home, and while the long threaded rod will be used with the stepper motor (which should arrive tomorrow), I decided to test out how this would work as a proof of concept.

One of the big problems I still haven’t solved is how to make the pen go up and down, but I think this solves it. Instead of putting a stepper motor on the thread, I think I will just use a 180 degree servo motor and, once I double the height of the threads, I can use it to move the pen up and down. The current thread moves 2.5 cm per 180 degree rotation, so hopefully getting it up to 5 cm will be enough to give the pen the movement it needs.

I am worried that the servo motor wont be able to support the weight of the stepper motor, but I wont be able to find that out until I receive the stepper motor and get some more pieces printed. I don’t have a backup plan if it doesn’t work, so I really hope it will.


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