One last Glove Keyboard Video

I was just about to start taking apart my Glove Keyboard project so I could use the Arduino in my Tattoo Machine project when I realized that I never made a final Glove Keyboard video showing it working.

I never actually put the time into learning how to use it, so the video just goes through me pressing all of the combinations of buttons resulting in gibberish. The camera was being held between my neck and my chin and it does in fact fall about halfway through the video.

1) The pinky finger on my right had has a large sized ring on it so that is why it is awkwardly placed. The connection on my original pinky finger ring must have come loose at some point in the last few days.
2) A few seconds after the video camera drops to my lap I switch the toggle allowing me to type in capital letters and more symbols, so there are only half as many key combinations as you see me pressing
3) This video finally shows me closing out of Processing and opening up the text file that it creates, but it only shows it for about a second at the very end of the video.


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