Project 2: Digital Tattoo Machine

The premise of this project is to design and build a machine that you can fit your arm into, and once it scans your arm, it will use a skin safe marker to draw what ever you want onto it. The drawing would be applied in Rhino 3d, and then using Grasshopper and the Firefly plugin, would be exported to the Arduino as a bunch of coordinates and tell the pen exactly where to go.

There will be three motors controlling the position of the pen, one at the end of the machine that will rotate the pen 180 degrees around your arm, and another that will be connected to a threaded rod which the pen and final motor can move up and down the arm on. The last motor will move the pen either towards the arm or away from the arm allowing it to press down on the skin or hover over it.

This is all still very early design thinking, and as I run into problems, things will obviously change, but this is my plan as of now. While I was able to design the entire Glove Keyboard in exactly two weeks, I am giving myself just under 3 months to complete this task.


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