How to Put on the Glove Keyboard

This video sped up x4 to show how to put on the final Glove Keyboard. It would probably help to use some better quality double sided tape to keep the wrist pieces on. The total time (at 1x speed) is 9:33, and it was exhausting.

This is the final post for this project. I have made a fully functional Glove Keyboard that does both upper and lower case letters as well as numbers 0-9 and a hand full of important symbols and punctuation. I cannot press delete, enter, shift, alt, ctrl, or any other button that isn’t a letter but for what I was planning I think this is enough.

I could go further with this project, but this was really just supposed to be a practice and a learning experience which will help me with my future projects. Stay tuned for Project 2!


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