Hello World!

Now that I have one hand all laid out, I will need to print and solder the rings for my right hand. It will make taking more videos like this difficult, but hopefully I will still be able to show you my progress.

Right now the text is showing up in the processing terminal, however in the video I forgot to close out of processing and show that it was written to a text file as well.

Normally the “hello world!” that I typed in this video is written “Hello World!” however I don’t have any capital letters yet. Hopefully I will be able to add that option with a simple toggle switch that will stay on the breadboard rather than on one of my figers. The switch will also allow me to add many more symbols and punctuation.

I am still balancing the breadboard on my wrist as I still haven’t designed a ring for that to sit on, but that is the only semi-difficult thing to do before I finish this project.


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