Buttons Working with Arduino

ImageImageI tried using the tronixstuff tutorial that I had posted a few days ago to get my arduino code started but it didn’t work. Due to the fact that everything was so heavily tied to the lcd output I had to abandon the code entirely so I made my own using the Example files for the Button and ReadAnalogVoltage on the arduino website. Now that I have that working, the next step is to assign the voltage values to a symbol, and then get two symbols from two breadboards together to form a letter.

I have seen some preformed wire online which are much smaller than the ones I have now, but they wouldn’t arrive for another 3 days and by then I am hoping to be nearly done with the project. The yellow ones I am currently using are the smallest ones I have and when they are on my arm they look ridiculous with the large breadboard.

I have put some more thought into how I will connect the breadboard to my arm, and I think instead of one big ring, I will use two small ones which attach to the breadboard at each end. I will tie the two pieces together with an elastic arm band to keep it in place. It will make putting on the apparatus a little bit more tricky, but it will save me hours of 3d printing time, and if I make a mistake (like I have been recently) I could end up wasting a lot of material.


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