Wearing 8 Rings


ImageThere are 4 different ring sizes and shapes, but they all look very similar which I like. I am fairly happy with the overall appearance but there is still a lot of wiring to be done that could really junk things up, but hopefully I can get the colors matched up so it is presentable.

I have made the button pieces as small as possible based on this button size. I have seen a few smaller buttons online but I have already ordered another 12 buttons that are this size, as well as already making my 3d model using this button so I am not going to bother with those.

When printing the 8 rings I made a mistake with the larger button pieces so unfortunately only the pinky finger has the holes for the wires. It only took 17 minutes to print all eight pieces so it wont take too long to get them all where they are supposed to be. These are printed at a .3mm layer height, but I plan on printing the finals at a .1mm height to make them look more finished.

There is a little bit of a problem with taking the rings on and taking them off  as they start to bend. I don’t know what to do to strengthen them besides just making them thicker which I don’t want to do as that was the reason I left the Glove One model in the first place. I could make them full circles rather than 2/3 circles, but they are really comfortable right now and I don’t want to loose that little bit of give. I also like the back of my hand not showing much hardware and giving very few clues that there is a keyboard on the front.

Wire control is going to be a much bigger part of this project than I had originally intended. I was hoping they would be the perfect stiffness to stay in place and out of the way simultaneously but that is not the case. They flop all over the place and are very easily pulled out of the button ring. One goal I had for this project was as little damage to my existing arduino pieces as possible so I could re-use them once I had completed it. There will probably be quite a few casualties as the wire will have to be bent some, and the buttons will probably never fit properly into a bread board again.

I had planned on having no breadboard in this project and just have everything plugged right into the arduino on the back of my hand. Due to the necessity of resistors, I will need at least one breadboard, and seeing that I have two breadboards in my possession, I will probably end up with one breadboard on each wrist*. These in turn will be plugged into an arduino and battery located somewhere on my person or on the desk between my hands.

*I have put more thought into the idea of having a device on the back of my hand, and while it worked very well for the Glove One it isn’t as well suited for this project. Instead I will probably design rings which will sit at the top of my wrist starting where the black hairband is in the last picture. They will be big enough to hold my the breadboards securely, but hopefully small enough that they wont be seen as a major component of the project.


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