Second Print Test

ImageImageImageWell it is certainly less glamorous than the Glove One, but it may be just enough to get the job done. This iteration doesn’t use anything from the Glove One as there were too many problems with it. The mesh was messy and it was bulky on my finger. This design is a LOT more minimal which, based on its current look isn’t a good thing.  Part of the problem is that the button housing is huge, but I have a few ideas on how to fix that later.

You can’t see it in any of the photos, but the band only goes about 2/3 around my finger which allows it to be put on easier and have more flexibility rather than just a rigid circle.

I am able to successfully get a click with the button which I couldn’t do on the first test. The second ring allows some sort of cable organization, however the holes I made this time were just a little bit too small for the standard arduino cords to go through. I probably could have stripped the wires but that seemed a little destructive for such an early prototype. 

One problem that I need to address is how it fits on all 5 of my fingers in a way that feels right. Currently this design fits fine on all but my pinky finger and thumb. The pinky should just be a matter of scaling the band (but not the hole where the button goes). The thumb will probably take a few iterations to get right but at the rate that I am going through this I am not too worried about that. 

There is still the big problem of getting all the wires to the arduino board which hopefully can be stored on the back of one of my hands. I have an arduino uno right now, however I might invest in a smaller board or have the battery on one hand and an equally weighty board on the other. I also only have 5 buttons currently, so I will need to order a few more to really make this project happen.


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