First Print Test

ImageImageImageI have just completed my first round of editing a piece of the Glove One model just to see how it would work. I then 3d printed it on my printer (Solidoodle 3) to see how it fit on my finger. I have not made any adjustments to the model except for cutting off the bottom so it will print on my FDM printer.

I don’t really care what the final looks like, but right now the overwhelming resemblance to a Darth Vader mask is making me want to change it up a little bit. Also, this model is the one designed for the pinky finger and yet it is even a little large for my middle finger. The arduino button is far too large for the hole that is on the Glove One so that will have to change too. My finger gets pretty sweaty after wearing it for more than 5 minutes.

The next design will try to fix as many of these as possible as well as figure out some way of connecting the two wires that need to come from the arduino to the button. I am still considering whether or not I am going to design a full fledged glove to be 3d printed or just the finger tips where the buttons will go. 

If I just do the tips, I will probably abandon the Glove One model all together as the measurements aren’t very accurate and there are a few oddities about it including its bulk. I am tempted to design a couple of thin rings that would go around each segment of each finger (14 in all) that would either house the button or hold the wires in place, and some sort of hand plate that would house the arduino and battery.


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