Inspiration for Project 1: Glove Keyboard


I recently found a note in an old sketchbook that I doodled in when I came up with my first project idea. I have spent quite a few months thinking about this, and I have found articles which talk about the same idea, most notably this one on chord keyboards and this one on smart gloves. The project I am planning on making involves designing wearable gloves that will work as a keyboard. The letters wouldn’t be produced as a single button tap using one finger, but instead a combination of two or three simultaneous finger taps from different fingers on different hands. The benefits of this idea include the ability to type on any surface, but the cons would include learning a new keyboard style, and reduced use of your hands in day to day work. The doodle on the left is a chart listing how each finger would be assigned a value which when pressed would make a letter.


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