New Tattoo Machine Diagram

To celebrate one year since finishing the tattoo machine, I thought I would upload a new diagram I have been working on for my portfolio. This is an exploded perspective of the final tattoo machine. Almost everything that is not labeled is a 3d printed part (which can be found in my previous tattoo machine post) or a stepper/servo motor. For clarity I decided not to add in all of the screws and nails that were required to put this piece together as they should be fairly obvious by the hole placements in the 3d printed parts.

Final Prints

ImageAfter 3d printing over forty different iterations and test pieces, these are the final 17 that are used in the tattoo machine. If for any reason you want the .stl files just PM me and I will send them to you. I hope this project inspires some people to make their own tattoo machines or something even cooler!

Digital Tattoo Machine

This is the last video I will post of the tattoo machine in action. I haven’t posted a 1x speed video recently so this one shows the full process at regular speed. The video can also be found here at 4x speed if this one is going too slow.

Final Design

ImageThese photos depict the final design for the digital tattoo machine. The machine took one a half months from start to finish and I have learned a lot from building it. There are still a few areas which aren’t perfect, but it functions well enough to do outlines of any design that you give it. The only area I see that really needs to be improved is filling in a shape as that has caused some difficulties.

The tattoo machine can be calibrated to any size arm and it only takes 25 minutes to get a high resolution scan. From there, small tattoos take anywhere between 1 and 3 minutes whereas longer ones that need to be filled in can take up to half an hour.

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The Code

A lot of the code is just taking example code from the AF_Motor library as well as the Firefly Firmata and making slight changes to them. The calibration uses both Processing and Arduino but the tattoo drawing just uses Arduino thanks to the Firefly plugin to Grasshopper. Below the code is also two low res images of the grasshopper files.

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